Kick-off seminar. Day 1

Kick-off seminar. Day 1
On March 14, the first session of the orientation seminar for the finalists of the open international competition for architectural and urban planning solutions for Gorskaya was held in St Petersburg.

For the participants of the orientation seminar, a meeting was organized with commissioner of the competition Megaline LLC, general partner of the competition Agency for Strategic Initiatives ANO (ASI), and operator of the competition Agency for Strategic Development CENTER. The meeting was attended by Gennady Korupyatnik, CEO of Megaline LLC, Oleg Izbyakov, leader of Megaline LLC's Gorskaya territory development project, Elena Prozorova, consultant analyst, Stanislav Skachkov, Deputy Head of the Prospective Projects Department of Megaline LLC, Alexander Krasavtsev, Deputy Director of Quality of Life Practices of Agency for Strategic Initiatives ANO, Sergei Georgievskii, co-founder of the CENTER Group of Companies, and Olga Gritsan, Head of the Analytical Department of Agency for Strategic Development CENTER.  

During the inspection of the competition territory, the finalists learned about its condition and features, the site boundaries, and about the tasks before them and what they need to pay attention to in the preparation of their competition proposals.

At the end of the first session of the seminar, the finalists had individual meetings with the client of the competition, Megaline LLC, to discuss the objectives of the competition and what should be included in the design solutions. The finalists were able to ask all of their questions.

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